Oyster Bay Product Detail

Oyster Bay

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Key Features

  • CopperGuard™ Dual Coat Top Ledge Backer - Our unmatched backer system combines a bonding primer with metallic sealer to protect the underside of the top ledge from chlorine splashback.
  • Sculpted 2-Piece Resin Ledge Covers
  • ALL Resin 7" Top Rails
  • Krystal Kote™ 6” Uprights - Liquid-coat resin sealers lock out corrosion, discoloration and dirt buildup before they can start.
  • ArmorCoat™ Exterior Wall Sealer - ArmorCoat™ liquid-applied resin sealer on the outside of the galvanized steel wall provides maximum protection against the elements.
  • LiquiLok™ Epoxy Interior Wall Backer - Capillary action often draws moisture from the soil up between the wall and the liner, yet another point where protection is key. LiquiLok™ true epoxy repels the moisture and protects your wall as on
  • Space-Saving Narrow Yard Ovals - Narrow Yard Ovals give the luxury of an oval pool without the space constraints of the traditional buttress system.

Frame Structure

Frame Structure
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Sizes & Specifications

Please see your local dealer for sizes and specifications.

Wall & Frame Coatings

Wall & Frame Coatings
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